Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Roller Coasters I've Been On

I LOVE roller coasters, always have. At first my allegiance was to steel rides (I admit, as a kid I was scared the wooden ones would break!), but as I've aged (and as my head spins more and more when I ride them), I have switched sides and now prefer a good, hilly, twisting, bumpy wooden coaster!

So, just because I feel like it, some videos of coasters (in no order) that I've been on...and, since most of these are "home-made", apologies if anyone on the rides said some wirty dords, etc. Not sure if they did...but if I were to watch all these I'd be here forever. If some have cursing, let me know which and I will remove them!

Big Thunder Mountain (again, this one is in EuroDisney but Identical to DisneyWorld): ">


King Cobra: ">

Manhattan Express: ">

Runaway Mine Train: ">

The Rattler: ">

Revolution: ">

Texas Cyclone: ">

Timber Wolf: ">

Titan: ">

Ultra Twister (same ride, but this is in Japan): ">

Vortex: ">

Batman The Ride (this is another version but the same layout): ">

That's all for now...may add more later...take your Dramamine!

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Shawn said...

Bad memories of riding the Titan with you... I was so sick after that.