Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thoughts on Kerrville, Summer 09

Well, I've had a few days to reflect on my family's annual summer trip to Kerrville, so as I am prone to do, here are some unfiltered, random thoughts:

*** This year's trip was about a month earlier than normal (we usually go in late July/early August) and was even a couple days shorter (parts of 5 days instead of 6 or 7), but it just felt right. I was more worn out than usual after my first mission trip, so having a break between the two was great (Missy and I may try to take a "mini-vacation" in August of a day or two, if needed). Also, while we LOVE being in Kerrville, we have realized over the years that spending a week there tends to be a day or two too long... By day 5 or so, we start getting restless, the "now what?" feeling. You don't necessarily want to rush home...but you aren't really doing anything in Kerrville, either. So, this was a good time-frame.

*** I finally got off my rear ans started reading a book many have recommended, "Same Kind of Different as Me". I am a bit more than halfway through it, and it truly is an amazing, inspirational story. I can already envision a film being made, but it deserves a true movie treatment, not (sorry folks) the "Cheesy Christian film"-treatment. While I certainly hope the message and focus on Jesus remains in any film, the story is so timeless and inspirational that a film maker may just be able to pull it off, leaving all the "Christian" stuff intact...and still inspiring those who may be quick to judge the story as "too Christian". Simply put, it is a great story. Theologically it seems ok (I have had a couple "huh?" moments, but I would need to explore them further), but I don't think that is the point of a book like this...

*** I continue to be impressed of my son's increasing bravery. One of the best days was when we went down to the Guadalupe River in downtown Kerrville (below the waterfall where it is shallow with rapids, "chutes", etc.). I figured Jax would be too scared to get in; boy was I wrong. He couldn't get enough! And while at times Jax's emerging personality make my hair turn grayer (just ask Missy...she likes to point it all out, haha), as Jax nears FIVE, he is truly such a fun boy to be around. Don't think for one moment that I get bummed when I hear someone say, "You know, that Jackson is really a cool kid," which happens often (I know, I know..."easy, dad...don't get too proud!"...I hear ya...). One gesture I remember vividly from the river was when I was praising him for being so brave, and without words, as he trudged back upriver to the start of the "chute" where Pops was stationed, he gives me a non-chalant "muscle pose" great!

*** Finally got to see my favorite movie of 2009 (and while there are better "films" I respect more, few movies have been as fun, to me, as this one in some time), Star Trek with my dad and Jax. Jax did surprisingly well given the NOISE of the film, and dad said he liked it, too! It was fun to go to a movie that "felt" like the ones my dad and I went to as a kid (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, some of the older Star Trek's, etc.).

*** For the most part, we were LAZY...and it was glorious. I know we had some friends that were pondering visits once we announced we would be in Kerrville...but we decided to make this as "outing-free" as possible...we just needed to chill (sorry Travis' and Austin's! We will hit ya next time...).

*** Missy and I had some great, deep conversations about life, God, future, parenting, you name it. It;s not that those don't happen at home...but sometimes the environment of being "away" just helps. I am grateful.